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Who Am I? 

I was born in a green and quiet  Parisian suburb. I left this idyllic scenery in my early twenties to live in England. In my thirties I settled with my other half in the South of France and started a family of three (+dogs!). Now in my forties, I wanted to experiment living in a God-forsaken rural coastal village in Brittany.

I intend to go back to Paris before I turn 50. Aaah the joy of an 18 m2 studio flat!

So, in the meantime… How would you like to share a bit of rural French life with me? I would imply a bit of nostalgic traveling memories, some cooking, quite a lot of pictures, and maybe recent touristy stuff?…

Maybe I should warn you though… I think I have a positive and fun personality – but that last point works with people who can handle sarcasm!

Welcome to my freedom space where I share my travel photos and memories, and anything that brings me happiness.


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