Lens-Artists Photo Challenge #74 : ABSTRACT

This week we invite you to break the rules and go beyond the traditional realistic image of an object, scene, or element.  For Lens-Artists Photo Challenge #74, we are going “Abstract.”

I’m joining the challenge for the first time. The theme was just too tempting. Abstract photography is probably one of the styles I prefer. But it’s such a difficult task because you cannot really plan or work an abstract photo. Maybe you can, but I can’t! They’re usually the result of an improper handling or the lucky outcome of a joke.

Here is a little selection.

Walking in the Louvre’s corridors
Result of a photography challenge on aperture/speed
Notre Dame de la Garde (Marseille) on a sad day.
Monaco’s aquarium


    1. The one in the Louvre I have no idea. When I checked my photos at the end of the day, there was a series with pictures taken while walking… !
      The other one is a long exposure – the photo is taken in the dark, while hubby is waving a flash light at me doing an 8!
      Thanks for dropping by.


  1. I agree with you… you don’t prepare the abstract photo, it appears before you in the most unexpected moment!! I was thinking exactly that last week when I was watching the raindrops falling while I was waiting my bus… (and, of course, I didn’t have my camera with me at that moment, hehehe).
    I like your selection, specially the ones from the Louvre and the aquarium! 🙂

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