Friendly Friday : Future

Created with Adobe Spark

This is the last time Snow is hosting this little photo challenge that Amanda and her envisioned.

This week, let’s look towards the future in my final prompt. The theme for Friendly Friday is Future. I hope you make it a bright one.

Friendly Friday will go on, and in 2020, it will be with Amanda and Sandy as hosts.

The photo I chose is this one, my daughter, in Paris. Walking towards her future.

As she is slowly discovering what’s waiting for her in the next years to come, I feel a little envious of the world of possibilities she will be entering soon.

The job opportunities, the cities she wants to “try”… and so many other things.

I hope as parents, we’ve given her deep roots and solid wings.


  1. I know that picture!

    It’s the same one of my daughter running off to kindergarten; at her weekly Brownie meet; at the train station to go to high school; at the airport to go university and then on her way home in another country. Good luck to her and you for new futures. Looking forward to seeing more of you in 2020! Sandy

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