Friendly Friday : shadows

Sometimes, the world is against you.

Not really seriously. But the energies of the universe have simply decided you won’t belong together. And you’re pushed to exit the game.

It started with the weather. This is June. But…It’s pouring down. And the temperature felt like 9° this morning.

To cheer me up, I decided to go shopping aimlessly to Noz which sells products from close-outs or clearances, etc. Most of the time I find fancy beauty products with a simple manufacturing defect or fine organic food with a short use-by date.

But I haven’t been very lucky this morning and ended up with some socks, beers and frozen Greek puff pastry rolls. Not really a treasure!

As I parked on the supermarket later on to do the weekly grocery shopping, I realized Hubby had not put the little token for the trolley back. As usual, I didn’t have any change on me. So I was left with only one solution : carry bags and do only half of the shopping – because I only have 2 arms!

Then I wanted to buy food for my dogs. But the supermarket only had cat food this morning.

I wanted to go to the Post Office too. But it was closed…

What the hell…?

All these minor insignificant events made me think of Friendly Friday’s prompt today : Shadows.

It cannot be sunny everyday unfortunately you see, I try to convince myself.

And to illustrate these few lines, here is a photo which I really like. I’m very fond of old photos in general, and I especially love the wedding ones. There are so many details which make them very rich and interesting. Just like life I suppose!

If you pay attention to the area in the back, behind the guests, hidden in the woods, the shadows are concealing three uninvited ladies…

Friendly Friday photo challenge hosted at The Snow Melts Somewhere and Something to Ponder About, delivers the theme “Shadows “ this week.

A tough theme, as we all try to eliminate or crop those shadows from our photos!


  1. A wonderful photo to have in a collection. The questions are many in this photo. Not least of which – Are the 3 ‘shadows’ invited guests that are not in the wedding/family portrait or passersby spectating ? Why were they not asked to move when they were clearly in the shot? Are they apparitions?
    Such a great photo, fir the prompt, Vero.

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    1. The three ladies in the back were probably not so clearly in the shot I think… It tells us a lot about what it was like to take a photo back then (in the 1920s/1930s?). We’re completely obsessed with edited and filtered pictures now so it seems strange to let 3 photo bombers invite themselves in the framework of a family portrait!
      Considering the area where it was taken and the gates behind the guests, I think it is the entrance of a manor. Although the wedding is of a rural class, they probably wanted to take their photo in front of the local chateau, and I suspect the 3 shadows to be house staff.

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  2. Hahaha, it feels like we’re having a lot of those days too in Switzerland lately! So grey and stormy that ends up affecting your mood… and then nothing goes straight!
    I find the photo for the challenge fascinating… I’m thinking about weddings a lot these days (there’ll be one in my family soon, hopefully, and I’m guest in a wedding in Spain in a few days) and they look now so different to the one in this photo! It looks like it was such a solemn and serious event!

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