Friendly Friday : Looking Up

This week on Friendly Friday we are asked to create a post sharing our interpretation of the prompt : – 


I chose these two. Both taken in Plymouth, UK.

Wishing you all a lovely blue sky weekend. xxx

Spring in Plymouth
Looking down this time…


      1. Of course!! It’s a very famous scene! Hehehe! Very melancholic too…. I’d love to make a slowmotion video of the cherry blossom petals… but the one I have in my neighborhood doesn’t lose the petals that fast… I’ve never seen the ground as pink as in your photo… but imagine, all those pink petals flying in slow motion… it would be magical!! 🙂

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      2. I think cherry trees are also prunus! They are called the same in English… A lot of fruit trees are from the same family. I know because there’s a little orchard here in the town where I live, where you can find so many different fruit trees blooming right now! But they are a bit small yet, so not very photogenic, hehehe.
        Oh, that’s quite a sweet childhood memory!!! I wish I would have seen such a sweet scene like yours when I visited Paris! 🙂

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