Pull my heart out, and you will see Paris.

“Arrachez moi le coeur, vous y verrez Paris” is a line from a poem by Aragon written during the Second World War when Paris was occupied by the Germans. I’ve had it tattooed on my harm a few years ago.

Louis Aragon believed it was possible to fight with his own weapon: poetry. This song, which evokes Paris and the misfortunes of the war, is a poetic contribution to the Resistance: the anthem to love is also a hymn to France.
“I wrote more about you Paris than about myself
And more than to grow old I’m suffering from being without you”

I’ve been living away from Paris for more than 15 years now. And even though I’ve been missing this city every single day, I’m happy I took the decision to try other places. I know that when I’ll return, my heart will still be filled with love and I won’t be jaded by too many years spent there. I’ll enter back the honeymoon phase and move in an uninterrupted romantic bliss where the passion has not declined.

I’ve just had my spring Paris shot. It is a long drive to actually spend only 2 days there but it’s still worth it.

We headed straight to La Rue Des Rosiers for a falafel pita sandwich. As it was Sabbath, our usual shop was closed but the one just across the road makes very honorable equivalents!

Le Marais is probably my favorite area in Paris. I kept my eyes wide open to absorb the good vibes of the lively bars, the terraces – all absolutely packed – the beautiful shops, the beautiful people, the beautiful Paris…

We reached the Halles by sunset and kept walking towards the Berges of the river Seine.

Time to say good night.

The next day we went to the Passage Brady to refill our stock of incense and Ayurvedic beauty products at Velan, then spent most of our morning in the Japanese streets behind the Opéra Garnier – especially in the Junku and Book Off shops. We also bought a few nibbles and went to eat them in the Tuileries. Our afternoon was spend walking back and forth on each river bank between the Louvre and the the Bir-Hakeim Bridge. We ended up rue Mandar, in the Montorgueil area for a poutine. Last stop of a long day!

I feel fed and regenerated. Paris is all. I’m full.


  1. What a beautiful post! Paris will wait for you 😊
    So you were in Paris in 2004? I was there for a Marketing internship back then. It was at Gennevilliers and I lived near Alésia in the 14th. It was my first stint. Later, it was Opéra and Levallois.
    But I was thinking, maybe we met… at a boulangerie one sunny day, or stood next to each other on the métro… 😊


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