Friendly Friday : Story

This week’s prompt for the Friendly Friday Photo Challenge is short but sweet: Story.

Interpret it any way you’d like! Tell a story with a picture, or use words to accompany your picture.

I chose a few photos from my trip to Japan. People photos. I always wonder who these people are and naturally invent a story without even thinking about it. Do you do the same?

Two friends have a chat while walking the dogs in the fantastic Yoyogi Dog Run Park. One of them is wearing an apron: waitress on her lunch break? Are they dog sitters?

And the last one is one of my favourites. It was take in the Yoyogi Park too. I was fascinated by this group of trendy looking Tokyoites. They had set fresh white linens over the table and the benches. Food was spread and they were casually having lunch while agitating their chopsticks. I know I should not take photos of people without asking… But they were so perfectly beautiful.

What are you talking about? Gossip? Working? Planning a trendy event?


  1. Yes, I do the same! Actually, I’ll always remember a moment from Tokyo. Se were at the top of Mori tower during sunset, watching the city all around us and underneath us. I was looking at one of the office buildings nearby: people were still working in some floors, while other floors had the lights turned off. After having had a zillion office jobs myself, I couldn’t help but place myself there, in my mind… ”salarymen” and cubicles, wondering how different their office jobs were from mine. (I always fund working in an office environment quite depressing and so I was wondering if they were happy…)
    Aaaanyway, lovely photos and that white linen for the table AND TO SIT ON sounds incredible, it suits the theme ”story” so well! 😊

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