Around The World Photo Challenge Day

  • Welcome to #aroundtheworldWP !
  • We need people to join so pass the message on! Invite friends to join the group. And make sure you add a link to your entry in the comment box.

Around The World‘s rules : Whether you want to share destinations, food, portraits, memories… Anything! Just make it a rule to share your photo and your text on Fridays.

The world comes in all shades and flavors! Share a photo of something that has brought a moment of joy into your travels, or focus on your own part of the world. Can’t wait to see the emotions you chose to channel in your photo.


Here is my entry. It is a photo taken on my way back towards the French border in Italy. When leaving in the South of France we tried to go spend the day in Imperia regularly.

It was taking us about three hours each way so it was a tiring Saturday. But it really was worth the driving. To go back to France, we would leave Sanremo by the end of the day, and most of the time, we would meet up with the sunset from the road above a town called Bordighera. 

The air was warm. We still had to taste of limone in our mouths, after the last scoop of gelato. The magical Italian language was still swinging in my head. But it was time to go back on the other side.

Italy is like a magnet. It is always complicated to leave it behind.

Bordighera, Imperia, Italia

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