Helsinki in 6 hours!

I didn’t really know what to expect when I arrived in Helsinki.

It was a stopover among many other possible choices …  We chose this one,  randomly. It was “Up North”! Maybe we’d have some snow?… I remember our trip to Australia 2 years ago when we had stopped over for 24 hours in Hong Kong. We thought it was going to be so exotic. But it was quite disappointing to be honest.
So Helsinki… Searching for some pictures on Google I learned that Finland surrendered to Russia during the Finnish War (1808-1809), and the country was incorporated into the Russian Empire – which I totally ignored! Actually the architecture seemed a little Soviet! So basically, I did not expect more than a pleasant quick stop in a city I didn’t know.

And there we landed,  in the darkness of a mid October evening, surprised first by the calm and general serenity of the people, and also by their kindness and the fact that they helped us, poor foreign tourists, even before we dared to ask the question and all in an absolutely perfect English!

Our rental apartment was rather warm, cheaper than a hotel, and cozy. We went out to buy something to eat at the local supermarket. Nothing exceptional but it’s already fun to look at the labels and try to guess looking at the packaging what was in that soup or dish . We ended up buying our dinner and breakfast for the next morning and after a good night sleep it left us until 3 pm to walk the streets of this unknown city. We got extremely lucky with the weather. The sky was limpid blue and it was not too cold. Ideal! That made me instantly think we had to come back and spend several days because in fact, the architecture was much warmer than I feared. That beautiful autumn day made the yellow and red leaves stand out against the clear blue sky. It was absolutely beautiful.

We left our flat in Kamppi and walked towards the South Harbour intending to have a look at the POHJOISESPLANADI, the Old Market Hall, the Uspenski Orthodox Cathedral and the boats Terminal. Next time, I’ll have time to go to the Suomenlinna Sea Fortress I thought. I wished I could just stand there, facing Allas Sea Pool and enjoyed this absolutely beautiful and sparkling sky – definitally wishing we had more time to enjoy a coffee with one or two KORVAPUUSTI!

Even though we had too little time, I managed to meet my “virtual” friend Snow in person! Blogging for the past year encouraged me to exchange ideas and comments on very diverse subjects and this made me gain a new friend whom I hope I’ll have time to share a few hours with some day!

Anyway, here are a few pictures from our 6 hour walk in Helsinki!


  1. It was a beautiful day for walking around in a new city – and I’m glad you found coffee with Finnish pastries 😊 (Calories abroad don’t count, so a city walk without pastries is a wasted opportunity, in my opinion! 🤣) I was so fun to meet you and your family!!! I’m sure we’ll meet up properly one day, for a bit longer than 5 minutes! But hey, those were some very memorable 5 minutes!!! 🤗

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