How I became hooked on genealogy – Part III

I received my DNA kit earlier this week.


I see this box as a magic tool. The geography of all my ancestors is there, written down in my saliva!

In 6 weeks max it may reveal origins which I’ll never be able to trace with local archives. I will be told an extraordinary story about ancestors coming from parts of the world where I did not know I belonged a little. I’m expecting to read France, Poland, Ukraine and then what? Do my hair come from Africa? Wouldn’t there be a bit of Jewish bits? Or will it be a complete surprise I never thought about?

Have you tried? What have you discovered?



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  1. I hope you write about your discoveries (if it doesn’t feel too personal to share publically)! 🙂
    I’ve never tried this and my family probably wouldn’t be found in any archives over here. It’s a bit perplexing when you think of it, because what do I even mean by “my family”? If we go far enough, we are all connected.

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