I cried like a baby watching the video. “Ben Fogle reaches summit of Mount Everest after dedicating charity climb to memory of his stillborn son.”   He has completed his 29,000ft climb yesterday morning. Congratulations Ben & the rest of the team. A thank you to YOU ALL from the summit of the world @britishredcross @unenvironment A post shared by Ben Fogle (@benfogle) on May 17, 2018 at 1:58am PDT Advertisements Continue reading Inspiration

Feet in Water Therapy

For this week’s Photo Challenge , I chose to share some of my H20 therapy moments. I realized when looking for photos for this challenge, that water was really for me a way to unwind. I might actually go to the beach this afternoon to chill out and wash my stressed brain out… Hopefully it will calm down the sudden hives crisis I’ve developed when going back to work! If you feel you need help concerning your Mental Health It’s the good week to do so. Continue reading Feet in Water Therapy

Make the world your own

“Make the world your own” is one of the headings of the Daily Telegraph Travel section, a couple of pages where you can share stories, tips, and photographs from your travels. I thought I’d share this info with you, because it is definitally a good opportunity to show your work. Unfortunately, their weekly competitions are open to residents of the UK, Channel Islands Isle of Man and Republic of Ireland only. For the “just back” competition: To participate in this competition, entrants must write a feature article on their travel experiences in no more than 500 words. Entries must be the work of … Continue reading Make the world your own

My job, lost at sea.

For almost twenty years, I’ve worked in the catering business. Kitchen, service, bakery production lab, wine bar, trendy sandwich shop, organic local food lunch restaurant, hotel restaurant, Iranian British bistro… I’ve done quite a varied selection of activities. I’ve loved it all. My passion for food and for service has kept me busy for all these years and I never grew bored with it. I’ve never been properly trained for anything and always learnt my tasks with a sense of emergency. Loved the rush. Loved cooking. Loved the customers. Then I moved here. And the restaurants look like nothing I … Continue reading My job, lost at sea.

A Parisian fix

Paris means a 6-hour drive from where we live. So it is perfectly manageable! The decision to go was made on Monday late afternoon.  We left by 7am  the next day with our commercial vehicle (Citroen Berlingot) packed with a camping mattress and a warm duvet! Off we went for a quick mother & daughter Parisian break! First stop: the town where I spent my childhood. I grew up by the river Seine, in a beautiful suburban town. It was fantastic first stop!  We got our skateboards out of the car and headed for a visit along the banks of the Seine … Continue reading A Parisian fix

The Taj Mahal, & Red Fort

(Today, we’re back in my 2001 road book written while visiting india. Even now, after so many years, I am in awe just looking at these women. Saris are so elegant and sumptuous to me… Be aware that… hotels and restaurant mentioned have been visited 17 years ago so they are not RECENT tips!! My photos have not been edited which explains the fading colours. You’ll see there are a lot of faces, but I guess the limitation period has expired and people who have been photographed won’t mind me sharing the pictures… Saturday, February 24, 2001 Agra (Shanti Lodge) “Happiness! … Continue reading The Taj Mahal, & Red Fort

Living the moment

I wanted to talk to you about a time that people under 40 do not know. (note that for my introduction, I stole/revisited the lyrics of this beautiful song … La Bohème) I suppose it dates me a bit to say such things, but in my days, things were very different! I was reading a post by Me Exploring, where she explains how she’s been trying to detox from social medias & particularly from Instagram and it echoed to a personal frustration I’ve been dealing with recently. It all started with my attic sorting out. Mid life crisis + dreadful winter weather … Continue reading Living the moment